About the Book

Have you ever wondered why certain events and circumstances are occurring in your life? Why do particular incidents happen to you? What are we doing here in this lifetime? What’s going to happen to us after this lifetime? What’s the purpose of it all? And where is God?

In this book, our author will provide you with answers to some of our most perplexing questions about God and life. Here, he has discussed and explained why our lives are the way they are?

Thanks to God’s inspiration and guidance, the contemporary messengers of God, the near-death experiences, the gifted psychics, the ancient wisdom and the brilliant and courageous medical doctors, scientists and researchers, we are finally catching a glimpse of God’s plan for us.

The book serves as a reminder for all of us that we are and always have been magnificent and divine spiritual beings. Both the good and bad things that happen to us, happen for a reason and contribute to our spiritual growth. The book carries a very important message because we live in a world where we are made to feel small and little and the truth is we have never been small and little, we have only ever been and continued to be magnificent and divine spiritual beings on a journey of spiritual growth. This lifetime is short, but the spiritual growth will last forever. God doesn’t work in mysterious ways but has a plan and place for each of us.