Relax…You’re Not Going to Die

Part I: More Spiritual Insights for Your Life

God is not working in “mysterious ways” but, has a plan in place for each and everyone of us.

This is a very exciting and dynamic time in our ongoing evolution as human beings. We are beginning to remember or awaken to the truth about who it is we really are and our true relationship with God.

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    About the Author

    Author Darryl Philip presents an explanation of what drives the tides of our lives and the repercussions they permit. Using his extensive knowledge and the results of his painstaking research on the human essence and higher consciousness, he proves that God and the spiritual realm hold the keys to unlocking each developmental occurrence throughout our lives. Questions regarding God, mortality, and the meaning of life are laid to rest as you embark on this perplexing, eye-opening journey of divination and discovery.

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Special editions

Uncover your purpose in life.

Learn to engage with God’s unconditional love and become stronger in your spiritual journey!

Did you know that you planned your own life?

Join Philip as he dives into scientific revelations, medical exploration, contemporary spiritual messages, the work of renowned psychics, near-death experiences, and our comprehension of ancient wisdom to help decipher God’s plan in our lives.

Life is fleeting. Too many of us live unconcerned or unaware of our spiritual well-being and our transcendence from the spiritual plane to the physical plane—and vice-versa.